Unjustly Profiting from Organized Elder Exploitation & Affinity Crimes

Poly-victimization of Elderly: Conflict-of-Interest Status Que Conceals Abuse, Negligence, and Exploitation by Professionals Acting in Collusion.

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Elder Exploitation Care & Service Providers in Multiple Roles pf Authority & Collusion Teams Diagram (click the zoom feature/scroll over image to read box descriptions, hold mouse or finger to scroll diagram and click crossed arrow to view full size PDF or direct download PDF Diagram here).

Review of Diagram 1 Information on Predatory Estate Planning & Probate Professional Networks.

Unjustly Profiting from Organized Elder Abuse and Affinity Crimes: Conflict-of-Interests are a Standardized Status Que that Defines Abuse, Negligence, Exploitation and Financial Concealment by Professional Teams Acting in Collusion.

1. Estate Planning & Power of Attorney (PoA) – The Front-line Enforcers       

When a person becomes suddenly ill or suffers memory lose over time, they become dependent & vulnerable. This is the danger age, when predators sense opportunities and strike by superseding established springing PoAs with Durable PoAs, Living Trusts, retaining new estate planning lawyers, primary care physicians & neurocognitive psychiatrists. In a short time, an elder’s will/Will become an others. Fraud, organized exploitation & stealing assets from the disabled is illegal. If these actions victimize multiple persons and are accomplished with others operating in collusion it may be a criminal enterprise.

2. Estate Planning Attorneys & PoA’s/Homecare provider’s Legal Counsel      

Vulnerable person with diminished capacity assumes their attorney will act ethically to create an estate plan, that attorney also drafts a PoA or fiduciary role for the elder’s primary care-giver, may even draft a limited financial PoA for themselves. PoA(s)/fiduciaries coordinating with home care providers & attorney. The isolated dependent elderly person dares not tell APS or question the arrangement. They are unduly influenced and their estate is stolen.

3. Estate Planning Attorneys & PoAs Accomplices Group Pressure    

Coercive situations can consist of mental and physical condition of environments influence such as group pressure, general social influence techniques, tactics of thought reform, and responses and behavior found in other high-control, intense influence situations ranging from the Stockholm syndrome to abused women and the other methods of corrupt caretakers. – Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D; research in Undue Influence and Written Documents: Psychological Aspects

4. Estate Planning Attorneys & Primary Care Physicians   If an estate planning attorney’s new or existing elderly client becomes ill, memory impaired, at greater risk for inappropriate influence and dependent on a home-care provider/Fiduciary who changes the seniors long-established primary care physician this is a substantial red flag.  Often the seniors best first line defense against abuse, negligence and undue influence is the seniors primary doctor.  Some professionals in geriatric services have their preferred cross-referring doctors and elder law services providers. If a PCP conceals material facts in Physician reports to the court this is against Medical Board and civil procedures.

5. Estate Planning Attorneys & Neuro-cognitive Psychologists     

When senior has memory impairments, is subjected to isolation & undue influenced by a PoA/home care provider or other abusers an estate planning attorney will likely arrange a psychological test just before signing a new will. This protects the illicit Will from attacks in Probate. A Psychological examiner is typically known to the estate or elder law attorney whom arranges who appointment with a specific outcome in-mind, although it is a conflict sometimes the estate planner will remain present in the interview and/or coordinate procedures so the psych evaluator purposely doesn’t have access to medical records or information that would alert psychologist to brain damage or undue influence.

6. Estate Planning Attorneys & Court Visitor  

Typically licensed social workers (LSW) are Court Visitor’s operating on behalf of the court’s civil procedures. Court visit with and interview an alleged incapacitated person (AIP) after a G-C petition is filed, either by family, an interested party or a State agency. In some cases, court visitors may be contracted by a Court Visitor/LSW specialist business. If the LSW is visibly biased in their court reports by concealing relevant material facts to conceal abuse, exploitation or negligence then this is likely a violation of Civil Procedure. This is a problem in regions with limited Court Visitors or areas with aligned probate professional networks.

7. Estate Planning Attorneys & Guardian Ad Litems                  

Some Estate Planners use cross-referring Guardian Ad Litem professionals in their G-C probate cases. These professionals are typically elder law attorneys or licensed social workers. If the GALs are instructed by the AIPs attorney and/or respondents parties attorney to favor the seniors abusive or exploitative home-care provider, then the GAL will conceal relevant facts in their reports to the court and blame the conflicts on the litigating a parties despite facts illuminating that the AIP is at risk physically and/or financially. Court will lily default judgment to professional Guardian or conservator.

8. Estate Planning Attorneys & Conservator/Guardian            

Established estate attorneys prefer to work with the family PoA as default conservator or their choice of for-profit conservator as because it provides them a safeguard to conceal fiduciary breeches, illicit estate transfers/theft and remain on as a regularly paid professional. Because of the immense power State Statues and probate courts grants to the Conservator, they have the power to execute illicit estate plans and gifts away the senior’s estate while the elder is still alive. Some Conservators even keep the unethical estate planner and abusive home-care provider on the Wards payroll.

9. Estate Planning Attorneys, State Bars & Elected DAs                                       

There has been instances of professional networks were for-profit conservator companies have also chaired State Bar Probate Councils. Other examples include District Prosecutors sitting as Trustees on Estates where elder seniors have been exploited. District Attorneys/DAs and Police don’t investigate or prosecute elder exploitation crimes when probate attorneys are involved. They call these matters Civil. The predators know they are untouchable., beyond and above the reach of law enforcement.

10. Estate Planning Attorneys & Elected Probate Judges                                                                                               

In majority of counties probate Judges are elected in some cases the largest detonators to their campaigns are lawyers. Probate courts is the venue for regular hearings by the same estate planning attorneys & courts default or attorney directed/biased (Concealed materiel facts) third-party evaluations. All being paid from the exploited seniors estate.

Review Additional Elder Abuse and Estate Exploitation Diagrams Here,

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    Research Focus State, Idaho: Elder Abuse, Undue Influence Cases & Probate Precedents.
    1. Undue influence may be inferred from the fact that the beneficiary was active in the preparation of the will. In re Lunders’ Estate, (1953) 74 Idaho 448, 454, 263 P.2d 1002; Estate of Randall, (1939) 60 Idaho 419, 93 P.2d 1.

    2. Undue influence has been defined as domination by the guilty party over the testator to such an extent that his free agency is destroyed and the will of another person substituted for that of the testator. In re Eggan’s Estate, 86 Idaho 328, 386 P.2d 563(1963); In re Lunders’ Estate, supra.

    3. Although conclusive rights should not be given it, the fact that the testator having the capacity and ability to do so failed for a substantial period of time to change or revoke a will alleged to be the product of undue influence, negatives the claim of undue influence.” 94 C.J.S. Wills § 261, p.1143. With respect to a will which also continued unchanged for two years prior to the testator’s death, calling it strong evidence that he was not coerced into making it, but that it was entirely satisfactory to him when made and that satisfaction continued until his death.”Laberee v. Laberee, 112 Or. 44, 53, 227 P. 460, 462, 228 P. 686; In re McCaslin’s Estate (1960) 222 Or.599, 352 P.2d 1111.

    4. If, prior to executing his last will, a testator shows a continuity of purpose running through his former wills and codicils which indicates a settled intent or consistent state of mind on his part as to manner of distributing his estate, such fact may be considered in determining whether he is in possession of a disposing mind, that is, had testamentary capacity and was free from undue influence in making his last will.” In re Nelson’s Estate, 72 Wyo. 444,266 P.2d 238 (1954); In re Hart’s Estate, 107 Cal.App.2d 60, 67, 236 P.2d 884, 889.

    5. Weakened mental and physical condition of Testator are factors to be considered in determining question of undue influence. Estate of Brown, 52 Idaho 286, 15 P.2d 604; In re Lunders’ Estate, 74 Idaho 448, 263 P.2d 1002.

    6. “Undue influence consists of domination by guilty party over testator to such extent that his freeagency is destroyed and will of another person is substituted for that of testator.” Witthoft v. Gathe, 38 Idaho 175, 221 P. 124; In re Lunders’ Estate, 74 Idaho 448, 263 P.2d 1002.

    7. Undue influence is any means employed upon and with testator which under circumstances and conditions by which testator was surrounded, he could not well resist, and which controls his volition and induced him to do what otherwise would not have been done. In re Eggan’s Estate, 86 Idaho 328, 386 P.2d 563.

    8. Influence arising from gratitude, affection or esteem is not undue, nor can it become such unless it destroys the free agency of the testator at the time the instrument is executed and shows that the disposition therein results from fraud, imposition and restraint of the person whose superior will prompts the execution of the testament in the particular manner which the testator adopted. In re Estate of Hill, 198 Or. 307, 335, 256 P.2d 735, 747; In re McCaslin’s Estate, 222 Or. 599, 352 P.2d 1111.

    9. Influence gained by kindness and affection will not be regarded as undue if no imposition or fraud be practiced, even though it induced Testator to make unequal disposition of his property in favor of those who contributed to his comfort. In re Reddaway’s Estate, 214 Or. 410, 329 P.2d 886.

    10. It is not sufficient for the contestant to merely prove circumstances consistent with the exercise of undue influence; that before the will can be overthrown the circumstances must be inconsistent with the voluntary action on the part of the testator. In re Welch’s Estate, 43 Cal.2d 173, 272 P.2d 512 (1954).

    11. Mere existence of a confidential relationship to testator does not in itself establish undue influence. To set aside a will on the ground of undue influence there must be shown influence used directly to procure will, amounting to coercion destroying free agency on part of testator.In re Eggan’s Estate, 86 Idaho 328, 386 P.2d 563.

    12. A will cannot be impeached by the subsequent oral declarations of the Testator. Gwin v. Gwin, 5Idaho 271, 48 P. 295.

    13. The declarations of a testator made after the execution of a will showing his dissatisfaction therewith and his intention to execute a new will are not admissible to show that said will was executed under duress or undue influence. Gwin v. Gwin, 5 Idaho 271, 48 P. 295.

    14. The general rule established by the overwhelming weight of authority is that declarations of the testator not made contemporaneously with the execution of the will, or so near thereto as to constitute a part of the res gestae, are not competent as direct or substantive evidence of the truth of the matters stated when offered on the issue of undue influence inducing the execution of the will. In re Estate of Wayne, 134 Or. 464, 291 P. 356, 294 P. 590,79 A.L.R. 1427; 148 A.L.R.1225.

    15. A confidential relation exists between two persons, whether their relations be such as are technically fiduciary or merely informal, whenever one trusts in or relies on another. The question is whether or not trust was reposed. Sewell v. Ladd, (Mo.App. 1942) 158 S.W.2d 752,756.16. The existence of a confidential relation is purely a question of fact. Ringer v. Finrock, (Pa. 1941) 17 A.2d 348, 350.

    17. A confidential relation may exist as a matter of fact whenever one person has reposed a special confidence in another to the extent that the parties do not deal with each other on equal terms, either because of an overmastering dominance on one side, or weakness, dependence or ignorance on the other side. Ringer v. Finrock, (1941) 340 Pa. 458, 17 A.2d 348, 350; Floyd v. Green, (1939) 238 Ala. 42, 188 So. 867, 871; In re Null’s Estate, (1930) 302 Pa. 64, 153 A. 137,139; In re Day’s Estate, (1953) 198 Or. 518, 257 P.2d 609, 614.

    18. Where the beneficiary took the testator to a lawyer and remained with the testator during the preparation and execution of the will, even though the beneficiary was outside of the lawyer’s office, or in the waiting room, while the testator was conferring with the lawyer and while thewill was being executed, there is such evidence of activity in the preparation of the will that undue influence may be inferred from the presence of the beneficiary in this manner. In re Lunders’ Estate, (1953) 74 Idaho 448, 451, 263 P.2d 1002; Estate of Randall, (1939) 60 Idaho419, 93 P.2d 1; In re Gagliasso’s Estate, (1957) 150 Cal.App.2d 65, 309 P.2d 513, 514; In re Estate of Leonard, (1949) 92 Cal.App. 420, 207 P.2d 66, 72.


    IDAHO PRESS: Court rules lawyer exercised ‘undue influence’ over elderly mother’s will.

    Idaho Probate Attorney has own brother disinherited while working on another case where 4 siblings, including a disabled child is disinherited.

    Spokesman Review: Magnuson son sues siblings over estate.

    Spokesman Review: Siblings battle in court over fate of forested ‘piece of heaven’ on Lake Pend Oreille.

    National Center on Law & Elder Rights Research.

    NCLER: Elder Abuse: The Impact of Undue Influence https://ncler.acl.gov/pdf/Advanced-Elder-Abuse-The-Impact-of-Undue-Influence.pdf

    “Psychologist Margaret Singer was one of the first researchers to connect elder abuse to undue influence,
    which she defined as “(w)hen people use their role and power to exploit the trust, dependency, and fear of
    others. They use this power to deceptively gain control over the decision making of the second person.”

    The psychological tactics of undue influence have been likened to tactics used by cults, ….”

    Who commits undue influence
    The psychological definition of undue influence implies that the influencer is someone the older adult knows and with whom the older adult already has a relationship of trust or who intentionally develops and then takes advantage of a relationship of trust with the older adult.

    Leading Experts in Accessing Undue Influence in Elder Abuse Litigation Matters.

    » The Bernatz SCAM Model, bernatzexperts.com/areas-of-expertise/scam%E2%84%A2-model

    » Bennett Blum, Undue influence-Behavioral Models,bennettblummd.com/undue_influence_models.html

    Data aggregation sources and leads: regional newspapers, VP Taskforce, AltrueSoft Tech Platforms, Citizen to Citizen Reporting, Northwest Journal News, Grassroots Elder Advocate Organizations, State & national GAO research monitoring & grant projects. Key search terms: § 18-1505, § 39-5302, Adult Protective Services, Dept. of Health, Elder Abuse and Exploitation. Aggregated & direct interviews via Citizen research and complaints focused on corruption, professional cronyism among state licensed service providers such as Estate Planning Attorneys, Doctors, Clinicians & Psychologist Evaluation, Conservator, Court Visitor, LSW, Guardian, Guardianship, Trustee, Management Services, IRPC, Idaho State Bar, CMS, Hospital, Facility Management SEC, FINRA, Code of Federal Regulations, Tax Fraud, Wealth Management Services, Certified Financial Forensics & CPA Investigation manuals, Uniform Code and many more industry compliance guidelines . Supported by research from over site sources, Bureau of Occupational Licenses and all State Statutes relevant to Negligence, Exploitation & Abuse.

    Research assistance and citation’s courtesy of regional grass roots elder rights advocates & affiliated vulnerable person organizations.

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