CONSULTANT DIAGRAMS & ANALYSIS consulting provides diagrams on predatory professionals and organized elder exploitation referral networking processes. Researchers analyse present and past case trends while working directly with elder justice advocacy organizations and victims affected by elder abuse, exploitation and negligence. The results of these efforts lead to the development of a large and ever-expanding data repository that compares and contrasts current government data and the viable accounts of those directly impacted by exploitation, corruption and failed institutional responses. Diagrams link to various supporting data and the trend tracking repository provides a glimpse into the criminal elements facing the nation as it struggles to discern or admit the roots of the silent epidemic. Experiential stories form victims can provide a means to reduce the damages and ideally create viable corrective solutions,  accountability to eliminate repeating exploitative and predatory patterns.

The DEFALCATION Project is a private sector, nation-wide research endeavor as well as an educational hub for Elder Justice Advocacy Organizations, Journalists, Policy Makers and all person’s concerned with vulnerable person exploitation, legal protection & public safety. Elder Rights Advocacy Organizations have been addressing and compiling information on these societal problems for years. Independent researchers, scholar’s, analysts and consultants have produced a wealth of information. The majority of Americans whom are not in the legal profession have no idea what occurs behind the scenes in the “off the record” meetings, cross-benefiting whisper-referral networks, illicit document schemes, Discovery concealment and how 3rd party reports contort the judicial process to function at odds with it’s very purpose.