The Geo-intel Elder Abuse Repository (GEAR) aggregates and plots news articles nation wide to determine heat-zones and trends relative to white-collar crimes and violations of vulnerable persons and the elderly.   Data in these private sector, non-profit research, summary reports and online publications is based on objective analysis relating to vulnerable person exploitation, abusive  domestic circumstances,  professional and institutional behavioral trends gathered from crowd-sourcing, public news articles, verifiable testimony, government reports, grass roots advocacy programs, witness accounts, victim interviews, evidence and affidavits.   

The elder justice advocates behind the development of the Corruption Maps social technology platform and its supporting grassroots victim-advocacy organizations are volunteer citizen advocates. The majority of which are victims themselves and thereby deeply committed to educating the public on the public safety concerns caused by the swelling epidemic of vulnerable person exploitation, negligence, domestic violence,predatory child & elder abuse, civil rights violations, political corruption, collusion and white-collar crime. Research confirms that many of these social problems are endemic, whereby one feeds upon the other.

The aggregated GEAR data provides support resources for potential & current victims of vulnerable person or litigation exploitation, journalists, advocacy groups and public policy researchers. News articles and reports are linked regionally in categorical news article repositories with data curation trend-spotting features with supporting facts.